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7 Reasons Why Your Dog Has a Dry Skin

There are several reasons for your dog’s dry skin. These include a lack of grooming, seasonal changes, and a diet lacking essential fatty acids. Listed below are a few common causes and remedies. Check with your veterinarian for further information. Listed below are some tips to treat dry skin and prevent it from getting worse. Read on to learn more. *Fleas and Demodex are incredibly itchy parasites that your dog can catch.

1. Lack of protein

Your dog may be suffering from dry skin. If this is the case, the first step is to make sure your pet is eating a healthy diet. This should include both wet and dry food. Your pet will have a more healthy coat if it eats a well-balanced diet. The next step is to consult a veterinarian to rule out any medical conditions or diet deficiencies. In most cases, dry skin in dogs is caused by a lack of protein.

2. Lack of essential fatty acids

A dog’s skin can become dry when they’re not getting enough essential fatty acids. This can lead to a dull coat and poor wound healing. The skin may also become pruritic and greasy. This change in skin lipids may disrupt the normal bacterial flora, resulting in secondary bacterial infections. A lack of essential fatty acids in the diet may result from inadequately-formulated food or secondary to other diseases, such as biliary disease or hepatitis.

3. Seasonal changes

Aside from diet, seasonal changes and exposure to allergens are some of the causes of dry skin in dogs. Dry skin can lead to discomfort, inflammation, and infection. In winter, the weather changes drastically, and your pet’s skin is especially susceptible to the effects of dryness. Here are some tips for caring for your pet’s skin during the cold months:

4. Allergies

The most effective way to treat allergies and dry skin in dogs is to eliminate the allergen in question. Although it is not possible to completely avoid allergens outside, there are several ways to minimize the symptoms and manage the condition. Many veterinarians also prescribe dietary changes to control the allergic response. A switch to grain-free and avocado-based food can help dogs with dry skin and allergies. In addition, a regular bath will help keep skin moisturized and healthy.

5. Parasites

Your dog may be suffering from dry skin. Parasites can be found in many different places, including your home, other pets, and your own body. Several different types of parasites may be present in your dog, ranging from fleas to worms. Fortunately, most parasites can be treated, and you can give your dog a bath to bring back moisture to the skin. Nonetheless, your pet should be examined by a vet to determine whether there is a more underlying cause.

6. Cancer

Dogs’ skin is an important part of their bodies, and skin tumors are no exception. Many skin cancers are easily treatable and respond well to natural therapy. However, you should always take your dog to the vet for a checkup if you suspect that your dog may be suffering from a skin tumor. Here are some signs to watch out for. In most cases, the condition will go away on its own if caught early.

7. Lack of grooming

If you’re not giving your dog the grooming that he needs, you may be causing a condition called dry skin in your pooch. Lack of grooming can affect your dog’s coat and skin, and it can lead to serious health problems such as hypothyroidism or Cushing’s disease. Your pooch might also be suffering from other health problems, such as hair loss or open sores. To help remedy this problem, you can try some of these home remedies.

At Good Dog Mobile Spa we care about your dogs and we can help with any dry skin condition. Feel free to request a quote or to schedule an appointment with us so we can restore your pet’s original beautiful skin.

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